Be a part of the Elite!

The Guard answers the call, at home or abroad.
The incredible versatility of the Kentucky National Guard enables its troops to respond to domestic emergencies,
combat missions, counterdrug efforts, reconstruction missions and more—all with equal speed, strength and

Whether the call is coming from the Governor Beshear or directly from the president of the United States,
Kentucky Guard Soldiers are always ready and always there.

You'll serve your Community, your Commonwealth and your Country.
As a Kentucky Guard Soldier, you can expect your primary area of operation to be in Kentucky, following the
leadership of Maj. Gen. Tonini and Governor Beshear. This may include community efforts, responding to
wildfires or floods. Or, it may include serving overseas, training foreign forces.

You will also be prepared to mobilize when directed by the president. This may include overseas service or
domestic, such as serving along the U.S.-Mexico border.

So, what does the Kentucky Guard do? Whatever is needed, wherever it is needed.

Guard Jobs and Guard Pay

Earn while you serve your country.
The Kentucky National Guard offers excellent pay, whether it’s your first job or the next phase in your military
career. Your earnings depend on your rank, your job and even your education level. The higher you go, the more
you make.

Every day you serve, you'll be adding even more to your paycheck. Take a look at all the different ways you'll earn
with the Guard:
• Active Duty Pay - During training or any time you're deployed
• Drill Pay - Two days, one weekend per month
• Annual Training Pay - Two weeks every year
• Enlisted and Officer Pay - Move up in rank and watch your paychecks get bigger—and make even more
as a Kentucky Guard officer.

Money for College

The Guard is your ticket to higher education.
Looking for a way to pay for school? The National Guard has you covered, with benefits like:
• 100% Tuition Assistance
• The Montgomery GI Bill
• The Post-9/11 GI Bill
• Army National Guard Kicker
• ROTC Scholarships that can pay up to full tuition plus an allowance
• The Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)

You could receive up to $54,000 in education benefits with the Kentucky National Guard.

Be a part of the Kentucky Guard Family

It all starts here.
There are a few steps you’ll take prior to actually becoming a Soldier. Before any fitness tests and long before you
meet your first drill instructor, you’ll need to start your application online.

Once your online application is completed, you’ll be connected with a local recruiter. If you and your recruiter
agree that you’re a good fit for the Kentucky Guard, you’ll schedule tests to determine your physical fitness level
and assess which career field is right for you.

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